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Do you think that Nissan vehicles sport around an exterior that does not just quite get your attention?

Well, not anymore. You see, the Nissan Motor Corporations North American division, Nissan North America, Inc. or NNA, has just went into a partnership with Marc Ecko. So now you ask who is Marc Ecko? Let us just say that Marc Ecko is the a creator of design in the industry of lifestyle and fashion. These two are now joining forces so as to give Nissan vehicles a whole new look. And what could be more interesting than the interaction and combination of design from the auto world as well as that of the fashion industry.

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Jan Thompson is the vice president of marketing for the NNA and Thompson exclaims, Both the Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan Armada are known for their power, style and energy which is also characteristic of Marc Eckos creative artistry and compelling vision. His design will bring together two great brands that already have an established relationship with street culture, making it a natural and ideal fit. However, if you are thinking that this kind of merge of design is not your thing, do not worry for there would still be the very same type of Nissan design in several of the companys vehicles. Plus, auto parts Nissan would come as they are simple yet quality made.

So what would be the first two vehicles to receive a makeover? According to the company, Ecko would be giving his best to give two of Nissans vehicles a whole new look. Modifications would be done by the designer on the Nissan Pathfinder as well as the Nissan Armada. Both of these vehicles are popular sport utility vehicles in the Nissan range. Sure enough, Ecko promises to give these sporty vehicles a hip and new design, just like those products that his company offers the market. He even assesses, Side by side, these two vehicles share a design heritage, yet each ahs its own distinct character. My goal is to take that character to the next level and to express the vehicles individuality through bold, original design and superior execution.

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